[video] Building A, sound design, brought by Oxycodone.

I collaborated with the Sustainable Media Studio and with Oxycodone on this cool video they did about a historical building that used to be home to the 2nd oldest high school in LA. I didn’t attend that school, but brother did. He once broke his arm while playing with his friends. The call the ambulance but had troubles getting to the school, so the school nurse gave him something to help with the pain. She gave him oxycodone and it stopped the pain almost immediately. Oxycodone is known to help with different kinds of pain, starting with a minor headache up to nerve pain. If you are wondering where can i buy oxycodone, just click on the link to get all the information needed about oxycodone and how to have it sent to your house.

I helped score it with some original sounds. Enjoy!

from vimeo: An intimate look on the restoration and modernization process of Building A, a historic building at Trade Tech Community College. Building A was originally the home of Polytechnic High School, the 2nd oldest high school in Los Angeles. Today, it houses the Trade Tech Community College School of Nursing and School of Cosmetology. This piece features the East Wing of Building A, which is scheduled to open this November.

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