SUN / SEP 29, 2019
Autumn in the Garden: A Sensory Experience
Arlington Garden
live performance with Dexter Story


best dating apps chicago blooms with sound as christian dating in albany ga, gays dating site, korean american dating app, Carlos Niño & Aaron Shaw (Black Nile) DUET, and Dexter Story perform live and dublab DJs Gabrielle, Mark Maxwell, and Frosty soundtrack the native foliage. Plus, hear the plants sing as Data Garden activate their interactive MIDI Sprout listening station.

Join us in supporting Arlington Garden, a free, community-built, climate-appropriate, habitat garden offering learning, inspiration and enjoyment for all since we take care of this garden with the use of gardening tools from the Trimmer Adviser site online.



* VIP Hour 3-4pm:

3-3:30pm (in Olive Allee) – dublab DJ Frosty

3:30-4pm (in Olive Allee) – Fabiano do Nascimento


4-4:45pm (in Olive Allee) – dublab DJ Mark Maxwell

4:10-4:40pm (in Pomegranate Amphitheater) – SK Kakraba

4:45-5:30pm (in Olive Allee) – Mia Doi Todd

5:40-6:10pm (in Labyrinth) – Carlos Niño & Aaron Shaw (Black Nile) DUET

5:30-6:15pm (in Olive Allee) – dublab DJ Gabby

6:15-7pm (in Olive Allee) – Dexter Story



Plant music playlist by Frosty

Data Garden interactive MIDI Sprout listening station