Friday, June 17:
SLEEPLESS: The Music Center After Hours
Walt Disney Concert Hall

Stage Curator & DJ set


(Photos courtesy of The Music Center)

Flip the concert hall experience as Sleepless: The Music Center After Hours/Hip-Hop Special Edition takes over Walt Disney Concert Hall in a never-before-seen use of the iconic venue. Part of a four-day Hip-Hop dance experience at The Music Center, this special edition of Sleepless reimagines the concert hall with DJs, dance parties, live art demonstrations, light projections, exclusive basement level skating jams and much more. #sleeplessDTLA #hiphop4days

> Global Hip-Hop jams curated by Rani de Leon and dublab, expressing musical roots from around the world including Brazil, Cuba, France, Ghana, Kenya, Korea, Japan, Latin America, Levant, North Africa, the Philippines and the United Kingdom; DJs include Al JacksonArshiaChico SonidoDJ GhostHashim B and T-Kay.

> Dancing to the old and the new with music curated by Monalisa and dublab, including DJ BabuDJ Inka One and DJ Jedi

> Improv performances and dance crew battles by some of L.A.’s top Hip-Hop dance companies and dancers, led by Tiffany BongAmy “Catfox” Campion of Antics, Lil’ Cesar and Rennie Harris

> Current L.A. Hip-Hop expressions and music curated by ArtDontSleep, featuring ExileDJ Expo and 14KT.

> Improv installations by some of L.A.’s best Hip-Hop dancers set to music from Lucky Dragons that honors The Music Center’s past and present.

> Roller skating, live graffiti painting by the gr818ers and classic cars

> Kick back, relax and let yourself go in the Grand Lounge

> Photographic installations by Pocho One that document L.A.-based street art and graffiti

Cocktails and small bites available for purchase. Information and artists subject to change.


more info: HERE

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