OLD WORLD RADIO “case study 001 for dublab”!


“case study 001 for dublab” is a collection of field recordings taken from all over the world and pressed onto vinyl, in addition to other songs of similar resonance. All the recordings included in this mix are sounds I’ve been digging lately. As a listener, I’ve always been a seeker of music that brings me closer to the root, or the source of all things. I think field recordings (vs. studio recordings) are a much closer translation of reality and therefore stirs something in me that over-produced recordings do not, which is why I gravitate towards them. Unfortunately, a lot of musicians on these recordings were not given proper credit, so we’ll have to do with track names. Hope you enjoy! -Rd



Track names (and musicians if provided):

1. Benzéle Pygmies – Hindewhu (whistle) Solo
2. Bashi; Bahutu; Barundi – Trough Zithers
3. Gourmantché lute and calabash
4. Fulani ensemble
5. Fulani lute and calabash
6. “Issanji” Orchestra
7. Malinke Tribe-French Sudan, Harp with drums, (instr) – War Song
8. Anouk Toum “Finger Piano”
9. Kofu
10. Lemma Gebre Hiwot, Selamawit Gebre Selassie, Zenebech Tesfaye – Yihe New Wey Mizesh
11. Anche-Lej-A-Male
12. Fisherman’s Songs
13. Exú
14. Candomble
15. Caboclo de pena
16. Capoeira
17. Ogum
18. Men playing dominoes
19. Female solo; accordian acc. – Noj Dilbere
20. Siva – Invocational “Alarippu”
21. Vocal with Katjapi and Violin – Sorban Palid
22. “Melanda A Nwambamba”
23. Ainu Folk Song
24. One stringed harpes
25. Coconut Pickers Song
26. Take Me Back to Mabayi
27. Shantu music and singing
28. Bees
29. Masu-tandu singers and drummers

For more sounds of this variety, visit www.villagearchives.org

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